Risks of DIY Chimney Cleaning You Should Be Aware Of

Get Those Soot Out Those Chimneys

Have you been using your fireplace often these days? If you have, then have you checked your chimney lately? Even if you have not been using your fireplace, you should still regularly check your chimney and see if it is in need of a cleaning. Of course, you are not expected to do the cleaning yourself but if you do insist on doing so, know first the risks involved in chimney cleaning that even experts have to look out for:

Too much inhaling of soot

If you are someone who is not fond of dust or if someone in your family is allergic to it or has breathing problems, DIY cleaning is not for you. Chimneys tend to collect a lot of soot and dust from the fires and smokes that you start in your fireplace. With an expert, you can help prevent these from getting inside your house and spreading.

Damage with harsh cleaning methods

You also need to know how to clean chimneys before you can even start doing it. Sometimes, you might think the cleaning method you are using is the right one but it would only end up damaging your chimneys. You have to be sure and careful.


You could also risk a fall. Cleaning your chimneys would not only require you to climb on your roof, especially to clean the topmost part, but it would also require you to be holding on to cleaning equipment while doing it. Experts are trained for these kinds of things.

If you want to make sure that your chimneys are cleaned in Oroville, CA without having to risk yourself, hire experts. While the risk is not gone with experts like Air Duct & Chimney Service, at least I know how to avoid them and manage them. If you want to know more about my chimney cleaning service, give me a call at (530) 236-7874.