How to Find the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Looking for a Vent Cleaner?

Have you been so busy lately that you almost forgot to keep up with your daily household grind? While you can just have your clothes hung outside to let them dry under the heat of the sun, you can’t always expect the weather to cooperate. So, if you notice that your dryer vent is not functioning properly, perhaps it means it needs to be cleaned. Here are the signs that you might already need some dryer vent cleaning.

Your clothes take longer to dry.

Once you start to notice that the drying time is taking longer than usual, it might mean that your dryer vent is clogged. If the vent is blocked by lint, air will just stay inside the dryer and your clothes will remain moist and hot.

There is a burning smell.

You can notice this once you run your dryer. If you start to smell something that is burning, perhaps lint is the reason behind it. Lint is flammable and can build up inside your vent. Avoid the vent being too hot because it may result in fire. Stop using your dryer and have it checked. Perhaps, it might just need some expert cleaning.

Your vent hood flap is not opening properly.

If you encounter this problem, it might be due to lint buildup. This can also mean that there is lint and/or debris around your dryer hose. If your vent hood flap does not open even when your dryer is turned on, the airflow might have been restricted because of the presence of lint. Immediately call the nearest vent cleaning contractor.

Your clothes are very hot after drying.

This means that your vent is not properly exhausting because your system is clogged. Your dryer’s blower might have also started to wear out.

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